The Basics of Home Water Filtration Systems

Freshwater is one of the most important things for health. It makes sense to make sure your family can enjoy clean, clear water every day. That’s the main purpose of home water filtration systems. If you’re thinking about water system installation for your home, this article can help you know what type of filtration to choose.

How Does a Home Water Filtration System Work?

There are several types of water filters: physical barriers, chemical barriers and biological filters. A fine physical barrier can include different types of materials that trap contaminants down to certain micron sizes. Chemical barriers include activated carbon and similar substances. Many water filtration systems combine several types of filters to remove a range of contaminants.

The water filtration system your home needs depends on the impurities, particles and contaminants present in the local water. Sometimes, this means removing metals such as iron, and other times it helps eliminate harmful bacteria or potential toxins. Overall, using a high-quality water filtration system provides better water quality, taste and odor.

What Types of Water Filtration Systems Are There?

There are two main kinds of water filtration for the home. The first is water filtration directly at the tap. This is mainly used when you only need to filter water in the kitchen for drinking.

The other option is whole-home water filtration. This type of water system installation connects to the primary water line. All of the water entering the home is filtered. This can be important for well water that contains potentially harmful substances.

Why Do You Need Water System Installation?

Many types of contaminants can get into water. This is especially true for well water, but it can happen with municipal water lines as well. Pharmaceutical drugs, agricultural chemicals, industrial contaminants, bacteria, toxic compounds and other substances may be present at some level in the water. Water systems are designed to counteract this.