Water problems always have water solutions with Reynolds.

From iron to acid, we have a host of common water problems and a set of tried and tested solutions for our clients in MA and CT.


As a local company, we see many of the same issues regarding water across our communities. Whether it is a compound in the water, acidic water or simply hard water, our team is well-versed in diagnosing and providing solutions to improve your drinking water.

We are not just another water company looking to sell an unnecessary system or solution. Instead, we take the time to test your water and get to the root of the problem. When we test, your water can either pass or if we identify an issue that needs to be fixed, our team will review all of your analyses on-site and provide you with our suggested next steps. Here in Connecticut and Massachusetts, we see quite a few issues in our water. In general, our water is quite hard and, depending on our region, could contain some harmful compounds. Our team does all of our testing in-house and can provide an accurate water score to help you understand better where your water ranks. With that in mind, here are some common issues we see, and our technicians most often recommend solutions.


You most likely have acidic water if you see blue-green stains on your toilet, bathtub, or sinks. The issue with lower-pH water is that the acid can start dissolving your copper water pipes. This dissolved copper then stains blue-green when it oxidizes. Our team can provide your home with an acid neutralizer system to help treat low-pH water. 


Iron is common in our region; you may notice reddish-orange stains on your surfaces. These stains are not from the water but from the iron molecules that come in contact with air and leave the stain. To help alleviate iron in your water, we suggest you use either a water softener system to filter out the iron or an iron removal system


Manganese stains are often misdiagnosed as mold or mildew in your water system. This is because manganese will leave similar brown-black stains, mainly in your dishwasher and on your clothing. A simple solution to remove this manganese is to use a manganese removal system or a general water softener system

White scale

White scale is one of the most common issues in our area. It is caused by hard water, which has excess magnesium and calcium. To treat this, a water softener system will remove these excess materials and leave you with soft water that will not stain your appliances, surfaces, or tubs. 

Rotten Egg Smell

Finally, we have tested hundreds of wells for hydrogen sulfide, and it is a less common issue that we see around Easthampton and beyond. Hydrogen sulfide is a natural gas that can be released in cold and hot water. If you notice the smell only when you are operating your hot water, the issue may be with a malfunction in your gas powered hot water tank. 

No matter your water issue, the team at Reynolds is ready with a water solution that will ensure you always have fresh and pure drinking water at your home.