A solution to your manganese water issue is our Manganese Removal System.

Finally, enjoy a whole system solution to your manganese water problem.

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Have you been noticing brown or black stains on your clothing or dishes? If so, you might have an excess of manganese in your water. This is a common problem here in this region, and luckily, there is a simple solution: a manganese removal system. Our systems are designed to eliminate manganese in your water before it gets to your home. So, your excess manganese will be gone at the source, whether on a well or a city connection.

How does a manganese removal system work?

Our manganese system uses a combination of air and a removal media to trap the manganese in the tank and let pure water flow through. When water enters the tank, it comes in contact with air through an aspirator. It will then gather and solidify, which is removed during a tank purge. The system uses a backwash to clear the system of the manganese, which happens every four to six days.


Due to the chemical makeup of manganese, water softener systems will also work to rid your water system of the metal. However, we generally suggest using a dedicated manganese removal system for the best results, depending on the amount of manganese in the water.

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Benefits of a manganese removal system

A dedicated manganese removal system has several benefits, as the metal can lead to issues for your home and water. Manganese can leave hard-to-remove black and brown stains on any surface it touches. The metal can also affect the water, leaving a slight metallic scent and taste that some people find offensive.

Maintenance required for a manganese removal system

Much like an iron removal system, manganese removal systems are relatively maintenance-free. However, you should have a professional technician like one from Reynolds Purified Water check the system at least once a year and remove any excess buildup that the tank has not flushed.

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Are you looking for a solution to your manganese water issue? Well, we are here to help, and no matter your water concerns, our team can find the right solution for your specific needs to ensure your family has access to pure drinking water in your home.