Invest in a Drinking Water System that will change your thoughts about water.

Drinking water systems designed to work in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

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A glass of clean fresh water and set of filter cartridges on wooden table in a kitchen interior. Installation of reverse osmosis water purification system. Concept Household filtration system

Clean drinking water is only a phone call away with Reynolds. Our team has been installing drinking water systems throughout our region and can provide you with our tried and tested water system that will produce pure water for your consumption.

Our System

One of the major advantages of our drinking water system is it is an under-the-sink solution. It works by feeding a separate faucet at your kitchen sink through five filters. When possible, it can also be connected to your refrigerator. This system is excellent at removing contaminates, and the best part is that it only requires a once-a-year filter replacement to keep it operational all year round.


What it filters

Our drinking water from the town, county or well can be contaminated, leading to significant health problems if ingested over the long term. Here in Connecticut and Massachusetts, we have seen countless cases where trace amounts of lead, chlorine and chemicals are detected in the drinking water, which can all be filtered out.



Chlorine is an excellent chemical for cleaning pools and as a disinfectant for microbes; however, excess amounts can cause significant issues for humans and dogs. This includes irritation of the nose and throat and sometimes issues in the stomach. Our system works to eliminate that excess chlorine, leaving you with a clean water supply to enjoy with your family.



Lead is a significant concern for those living with older pipes or in older neighborhoods with city water. Lead pipes used to be the standard for plumbing in the United States. Still, over time, we have discovered its dangers, including increased blood pressure for adults and delays in mental and physical development for children. Our system is designed to filter and remove any trace amounts of lead, leaving pure drinking water for your household.



The other contaminant that our water drinking system can filter out is rust. Rust is a naturally occurring process via old pipes, either in your home or city pipes. Our systems can remove these rust particles and prevent future issues such as staining.

Whether you are concerned about your drinking water supply or want to be safe, our team can help install our convenient and compact under-the-sink water supply system today with just one call.