Neutralize your water with an Acid Neutralizer System from Reynolds.

Protect your pipes for good with an acid neutralizer system.


Acidic water is a common issue here in the Northeast. With our ground makeup, a lower-than-normal pH of water is the norm. It is not all bad news, as acidic water can easily be treated with an acid neutralizer system. Our systems are designed to work in this region, and our team can provide you with an almost set-and-forget solution to your acidic water issue.

How do acid neutralizer systems work?

Acid neutralizer systems have revolutionized how we deal with low-pH water. Our systems use a tank filled with calcium carbonate to correct the water as it passes through. Much like traditional filter systems, the water passes through the bed of calcium and increases its pH before passing into your home's pipes.

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Benefits of an acid neutralizer system

Acidic water is not an ideal situation for your home and yourself. Low-pH water can significantly damage your home's copper pipes, fixtures, and appliances. This damage is not immediate but will have a long-term effect if not corrected. For people and animals, low-pH water can cause irritating effects on the skin and hair. Depending on the exact acidity, some may have more adverse skin irritation. Our water system can alleviate those concerns and provide you with neutral water, which is much better for the health of your home and yourself.

Maintenance of an acid neutralizer system

Acid neutralizer systems should be serviced once a year, this includes cleaning and adding calcium carbonate to refill the tank.

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