What Is a Magnetic Water Treatment System?

When choosing the right type of water system installation for your home, you need to consider several factors. There’s not just one option available for filtration and water softening. Different types of systems can focus on specific contaminants or water problems, and the kinds of filters used vary for this purpose. One relatively new method of water treatment involves magnetic coils. How do these magnetic water systems work, and how effective are they?

Do Magnetic Water Systems Filter Water?

The magnetic coils in this type of system only focus on softening water. They won’t filter or remove water impurities, bacteria, toxins or other contaminants.

That’s why many of these systems also include separate filtration components, such as activated carbon or physical barriers. In this case, how effective the water system is at removing contaminants depends completely on the quality of these filters.

Do Magnetic Systems Really Soften Water?

Magnetic water filtration can soften water, but only to a point. Unlike traditional water softening, these systems don’t use any salt. Instead, they alter the composition of calcium and magnesium particles that pass through the magnetic field. Calcium and magnesium are responsible for hard water deposits.

What Benefits Do Magnetic Water Systems Provide?

Normally, water filtration requires salt, which can add a certain amount of sodium to drinking water. Not all plants respond well to this type of water, either.

Because magnetic systems avoid salt, you don’t need to worry about this increase of sodium in the water. Also, magnetic water treatment is generally less expensive and systems last longer than other options.

What Downsides Does Magnetic Water System Installation Have?

Magnetic systems are overall less effective at softening than salt-based systems. They may not prevent scale buildup in all places, such as some pipes or hot water heaters. Another downside is poor energy efficiency. To learn more about the pros and cons of this option, contact a water filtration professional right away.