Watch for These Common Water Softener Issues

Millions of homes across the United States rely on filtered and purified water from a water softener to supply their daily needs. Although there are many types of softening units on the market, they all have certain things in common. The softeners are meant to make hard water softer. Since the units run 24 hours a day, they can sometimes encounter issues that cause the systems to break down or malfunction. Here are some common reasons your unit may have problems.

Electrical Problems

The softening unit operates on electricity, and that means it can run into electrical problems during its long life. To keep the system working efficiently, set a regular maintenance schedule with your softener provider.

Filter Dirt

The water softener uses filters to block large mineral access, and that is why the sediments can quickly fill a filter. Many manufactures suggest replacing filters every three months, although some units can run up to five months between replacements. If you notice sluggish water response, check your filter right away.

System Blockages

System blockages are the most commonly reported issue among homeowners with softening units for water. When salt and minerals accumulate inside the softener, it can build up until there is a narrowing of the water passage. Eventually, if not treated, a system clog will result. The good news is your technician can easily fix this problem if it does occur.

Resin Issues

Salt-based softening units use resin beads to help make the water soft. Although the beads are meant to last for the unit’s life, there can sometimes be problems that need to be addressed. If you see any of the beads floating on the top of the water, call a technician for bead replacement.

When you have a water softener in your home, develop a working relationship with your softener company. The technicians can often repair blockages, change filters, and replace beads with no problem. Watching for possible problems, and correcting them, can keep you in soft water for many years to come.