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A systematic approach to water treatment and purification

Your everyday life revolves around water. We use it for drinking, cooking, showering, and washing and no matter where you are, water is always there. Here at Reynolds Purified Water, we know this and are proud to offer water treatment and water purification systems that are tried and tested to handle city, county and well water that we find here in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our team is the local leader in water systems and has installed, repaired, and maintained thousands of them over the years.  We can tailor, design and install the perfect system to provide the ideal solution to your water issues. Even if you have an existing system, our team is here to assist. We have worked with countless clients to provide maintenance and make necessary repairs on older systems to keep them up and running. With our team, you get full-service water system coverage throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, from installation to maintenance and repairs.

Our Services and Systems

Water Analysis

Water testing analysis will let us know how clean your water is, and will help us determine which water systems will work best for resolving and removing any chemicals your water may include.

Water System Servicing & Repair

Our team has advanced tools that can detect damage and provide analysis before any of your water problems become an emergency. We resolve any problems we find, and we also provide routine maintenance on systems we install.

Water System Installation

Our team has installed thousands of water systems over the years. With this expertise, we can help you find the perfect system to provide excellent drinking water and alleviate water source-specific issues.

Iron Removal System

Our iron removal system physically traps the iron through a non-chemical system and flushes that excess iron out of your home through the drain, which helps your pipes stay clog free.

Drinking Water System

A drinking water system is a general water system that is designed to eliminate water contaminants so that your water tastes better, and your body stays healthy.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis systems block out heavy metals and other dangerous contaminates from your water, leaving only pure water for your daily use.

Acid Neutralizer System

Our acid neutralizer system does wonders. We use a calcium carbonate system to neutralize the acid before it can even start doing any damage.

Manganese Removal System

Manganese can cause black or brown stains in dishwashers and on clothing. Our manganese systems prevent that.

Water Softener System

Water softening systems are designed to remove excess calcium and magnesium from your water before it enters your home, preventing those stubborn hard water stains.

About Us

The local company that knows all about your water

We wanted to provide a truly local spin on water purification and treatment when we were founded. Over the past 30 years, our team of technicians has become well-versed in the issues of well and city water in our region and can work with homeowners to provide the right solution for their water problems. Also, unlike other options in the area, we are a full-service water system company that can provide installation services, repairs, and maintenance. So, no matter if we installed your system or you simply bought a house with a system installed, the team at Reynolds cannot wait to help you with all your water system needs.

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How Filtered Water Creates a Wave of Positive Change

Disease, Stroke & Kidney Stones

Studies have linked filtered water consumption to a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney stones.

Reduction in Plumbing Problems

Installing water filtration systems can reduce the frequency of plumbing repairs by up to 40%, due to the reduction of sediment buildup in pipes

Softer Skin and Hair

Hard water, high in minerals, can leave skin feeling dry and hair dull. Filtered water, often softer, may help improve skin texture and hair manageability.

Service Area

We call the small community of Easthampton, MA, just outside Springfield, MA home. This has been our operations center since we first opened our shop. Most of our technicians come from the area, and we are proud to give back to a community that has given us so much. Today, we are happy to provide our water treatment and purification services across Massachusetts and Connecticut. This means that we can provide services to the following counties and beyond:

 Westfield, MA

 Springfield, MA

 Hampden, MA

 Monson, MA

 Palmer, MA

 Chesterfield, MA

 Williamsburg, MA

 Belchertown, MA

 Tranby, MA

 Somers, CT

 Granby, CT

 Suffield, CT

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Whether you are looking for a water treatment system to be installed or maintained or in dire need of repair, let our team lead the way and showcase why we are the number one name in all things water systems. We have been one of the region's leading water purifying and treatment companies for years, and our technicians cannot wait to work on your property. From testing and analysis to installation, our team will guide you through the process of designing and implementing a system that will solve your specific water issue. No matter if we are softening your water, removing acid or even iron, our team is excited to deliver a water system that makes a measurable impact on your life. Call us today to see how Reynolds Purified Water can deliver a water system that will change your thoughts about your water forever.

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