See the benefits of an Iron Removal System for your water today.

Stop rust stains for good with an iron removal system.

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Iron is a common compound in our water systems in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We have a high level of iron in our groundwater, and because of that, we have installed countless iron removal systems in homes throughout our region. Brown-orange staining is a tell-tale sign that you have excess iron in your water supply. With our water system, we can eliminate those issues for good.

How does an Iron Removal System work?

Our iron removal system is a non-chemical system that solidifies and removes iron from your water. The water will enter the system and pass through the iron media, that converts the iron into a solid. The water then continues through the system, trapping the iron within the tank. Our system then uses a backflow technique to drain the solidified iron and wash it out of the system down the drain. This backwash process happens every 4-6 days, depending on the amount of iron in your water and overall water use.

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Benefits of an Iron Removal System

Iron removal systems are great at their namesake, and that is removing iron. Iron has no known adverse health effects, but when it is in excess in a water supply, it can cause some issues. First and foremost, iron will stain over the long term, leaving very noticeable brown-orange stains on anything from plates to sinks and even shirts. Some people also complain that high iron water tastes and smells metallic.

Maintenance of an Iron Removal System

Iron removal systems are a little more complicated in terms of maintenance than other systems. We suggest working with us to provide annual maintenance services, as our technicians will be able to clean and replace any materials inside the tank to ensure the water system can still operate to spec.

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If you are finally looking to get rid of those pesky orange-brown stains for good, then it is time you called Reynold’s for all your water purifying needs, including iron removal water systems.