Your complete Water System Installation solution designed for your water needs.

From drinking water systems to contaminate removers, your ideal water system is ready to install.

Over the years, the team at Reynolds Purified Water has completed thousands of water systems across Massachusetts and Connecticut. Whether we are completing a water system installation for drinking water, softening the water or even removing iron, our team is well-versed in the art of water. Before installation, our team will take the time to test and analyze your water to ensure you are getting the right system for your issue. From contaminants to hard water, we can handle any issue and provide the solution that will help bring pure water to your home.


Drinking Water System

Our drinking water systems are designed to deal with various contaminants, including rust, lead, chlorine and chemicals. Our systems work to eliminate the contaminates and flush them down the drain to prevent any future issues with pipes, staining or adverse health effects.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis systems are the top-of-the-line water systems you can install in your home. The system is quite ingenious and uses a semipermeable membrane to separate any contaminates from the water and then flush out the contaminates down the drain. The membrane works wonders and can separate heavy metals, complex compounds, and the other contaminants that could be in your drinking water.

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Water Softener System

Hard water is one of the more common issues that we see in rural water systems and wells. Hard water generally means excess calcium and magnesium, which can increase white scale buildup in all your appliances and faucets. Our water softening system is second to none and uses a regeneration process to remove the excess contaminates and flush them from the system.

Iron Removal System

Iron is another common issue in the water in our region, especially in older homes. Excess iron can cause severe issues to your plumbing, including clogging up your pipes and causing an increase in the buildup of material in your water heater. Besides that, excess rust can stain surfaces and is difficult to remove. We use an advanced non-chemical system to remove iron from your water, solidifying the mineral and removing it automatically through a periodic backwash.


Acid Neutralizer System

Acidic or low-pH water can cause significant issues with your water system. You could have multiple major failures with your copper pipe over the years as the acid eats away at the copper. When we find acid in the water, we install a calcium carbonate system that neutralizes the acid and leaves pure drinking water.

Manganese Removal System

If you notice brown or black stains in your dishwasher or clothes, it is time to determine if you have manganese. To treat manganese in the water, we use a water softener.


If you are interested in a water system installation, let’s chat and see how Reynolds Purified Water can deliver a water system that will deliver quality pure water for years to come.