Purify Your Water Using a Filtration System

Most households across America have water filtration systems, whether it is in the form of a filtered pitcher or a formal system that is hooked to the water line that enters their homes. Because you cook with water, drink it, bathe in it and use it throughout your home and yard, it is important that your water is clean and free of chemicals. You can purify your water using a whole-house water filtration system.

Today’s Water Purification Process

Municipalities today use outdated purification processes that involve distillation and the addition of chlorine. Unfortunately, these methods don’t eliminate all the contaminants from your water. Consider recent reports of entire cities with contaminated water. The truth is that water is not ever created, it is just recycled, from oceans, lakes and streams to rainwater that ends back up in oceans, lakes and streams. Your drinking water comes out of these sources, so as pollution increases, your drinking water may become more unsafe.

Traditional Water Filtration Systems

Not all filtration systems perform the same function, and not all strain your water to remove dangerous chemicals and contaminants. For example, much of the United States has hard water, and water softeners are often the go-to method used to remove these minerals. However, softeners only replace hard minerals with soft minerals. They do not remove dangerous elements from your water.

Other systems separate your water into two types: drinking and bathing. They use ion exchanges to remove dangerous elements and replace them with other elements, such as lead for potassium. Osmosis and distillation systems are slow and inefficient, but they still don’t remove all contaminants. They are also costly to operate.

Carbon-Based Filtration Systems

Today, you can purchase a carbon-based whole-house system that works efficiently and is cost-effective. It also removes all chemicals and particles from your water. It treats your water as it enters your home, so all your faucets and appliances use purified water.

Look at home water filtration systems as an investment. They protect your health and appliances by providing chemical- and particle-free, safe water.