Do You Need a Water Purification System?

Water is vital for your health. Tap water treated through a public treatment facility picks up contaminants before it reaches your pipes.

A professionally installed water purification system ensures you have clean water in your home.

Why Do You Need a Purification System?

Purified drinking water tastes better and helps prevent possible issues caused by chemicals commonly found in household systems, such as:

  • Chlorine: While it is safe to have some chlorine to disinfect your drinking water, high levels can irritate your throat and stomach and have long-term health effects like bladder cancer.
  • Rust: Bathing in water that is orange with rust can cause dry skin, brittle hair and acne.
  • Lead: All lead exposure is harmful and affects multiple body systems such as the liver, kidney, brain and bones.
  • Prescription Drugs: Long-term exposure to pharmaceuticals in drinking water may have adverse effects on your wellness.

What Does a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Do?

This water purification system blocks out heavy metals and other contaminants that may be hazardous. It removes 99% of the following:

  • Particulates (pollutants that do not dissolve)
  • Pyrogens (fever-producing bacteria)
  • Nitrates and sodium
  • Other dissolved compounds (organic and inorganic)
  • Pesticides and chloroform

Reverse osmosis systems also make your water taste and smell better, enabling you to drink water straight from the tap.

What Are Other Benefits of Purified Water?

Having a professional system installed to keep your water clean is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for purchasing bottled water. When you no longer need to buy plastic containers of water, you benefit the earth and save money, too. With access to pure, good-tasting drinking water, you are likely to stay hydrated. Adequate water intake improves your overall health and energy levels.

Water from any source contains varying levels of microorganisms. Many are harmless, but others can negatively affect you over time. Hiring a professional to install a water purification system helps you maintain your family’s health and well-being.