Iron Removal System

Backwashing-System-200Heavy levels of iron in your water could be originating from rusting iron pipes or high levels of iron in the ground. If your water has excess iron you’ll likely see red or orange stains around your faucets, sinks, showers and bathtubs. It can also clog pipes, water using appliances, and build up in your water heater.


Benefits of An Iron Removal System:

According to the EPA, unlike lead and copper, ingesting iron is not directly associated with negative health effects. However excess iron in your water could lead to aesthetic issues including unpleasant metallic tastes and odors. Additionally iron can cause water to have a rusty color, which could stain laundry or other items. Having an iron removal system installed will prevent all of these aesthetic issues.


How An Iron Removal System Works:

The system consists of a tank filled with iron removal media, (a combination of calcium carbonate, sand and gravel), distributor tube, valve, and aspirator. As water passes through the aspirator it comes in contact with air and converts the iron that is in the water to a solid. The water then travels through the iron system and the iron is physically trapped in the tank. Every 4-6 days the system automatically backwashes the trapped iron down the drain and leaves a clean tank to continue removing additional iron.


Iron Removal System Maintenance:

The iron system should be serviced once a year by a professional who can clean and replace any necessary materials inside of the tank.