Acid Neutralizer System

Backwashing-System-200If you’re seeing blue-green stains around your faucets, sinks, showers and bathtubs it means that your water is acidic and dissolving your copper pipes. Once the copper in the water is released through a faucet and comes in contact with the air it produces blue-green stains.


Benefits Of An Acid Neutralizer System:

Having acidic water means that the pH balance of your water is too low and must be corrected back to a neutral level. Water that is too acidic can damage your copper pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Additionally, acidic water can affect the pH balance of your own body, which can have irritating effects on the skin. An acid neutralizer system will restore the pH balance of your water to a neutral state.


How An Acid Neutralizer System Works:

An acid neutralizer system consists of a tank filled with calcium carbonate. As the acidic water passes through the bed of calcium it safely and effectively corrects the pH level to neutral. Once neutral, your water will no longer dissolve copper from your pipes and damage fixtures.


Acid Neutralizer System Maintenance:

A neutralizer system must be serviced once a year by replacing the calcium carbonate in the tank that was used in that period.