Typical Water Problems

Signs You May Have a Water Problem

If your sinks, showers or bathtubs show any of the following warning signs you’ll want to consider having a water treatment system installed. Of course it’s important to purify our drinking water for health reasons, but it’s also important to treat water because certain contaminants can have a negative impact on your pipes, fixtures and appliances. Additionally bathing water is also important to purify because excessive hardness minerals can affect your skin, hair and health.

Blue-Green Stains:

This means that your water is acidic and dissolving copper from your pipes. When water flows from your faucet and comes in contact with air the copper drops out, leaving a stain.

The Solution:

Acid Neutralizer System

Red-Orange Stains:

This means that your water has high levels of iron. Water naturally has iron in it that comes from the ground. However, it can also come from rust in distribution pipes, creating excessive levels of iron.

The Solution:

Iron Removal System or Water Softener

Brown-Black Stains:

This means that your water has high levels of manganese. Manganese is a natural metal found in the ground however high levels of manganese will produce stains. These stains are most noticeable in dishwashers and spots on white clothing.

The Solution:

Manganese Removal System or Water Softener

White Scale Buildup:

This means that your water has an abundance of calcium and magnesium. In other words you have hard water.

The Solution:

Water Softener

Rotten Egg Odor:

This means that your water contains hydrogen-sulfide which comes naturally from the ground. The odor is released in both hot and cold water. If you only detect the odor in the hot water, you may have a water heater issue.

The Solution:

Hydrogen sulfide Removal System